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The cover of the novel, A Hole in the Apple, by Harley Carnes.  an action adventure, terrorism thriller work of fiction

                                                        A HOLE IN THE APPLE 

is a thrill ride ... a high suspense thriller ..

“…one of the best thrillers on terrorism yet.” Neil C. Livingstone

It had to happen again …

In this suspenseful debut thriller, John Boulder reenters the dark and secretive world of terrorism, in pursuit of the mastermind of an apocalyptic plot against New York City and the nation. 

“… a gripping suspense novel that reveals the complexity of 21st century warfare and the multiple threats to contemporary America.” Dr. Jeffrey D. McCausland, Army Col. Ret. 

Edward R. Murrow Award winning author, Harley Carnes weaves together a high octane adventure as Boulder comes face to face with the evil of Hassan al Rashid. 

With intricate twists of plot, spanning intriguing locations, Boulder leads America’s best agents in an investigation of the criminal flooding of the Holland Tunnel, and the fast paced pursuit of the terrorist responsible. 

“… takes off with a bang, and doesn’t let up very often…I can see it as a movie…” Amazon book review 

Solving the mystery and stopping al-Rashid is the only way to save millions of lives, protect the city from its own self destruction, and the nation from economic ruin. Time is running out…

“…“Harley Carnes is a born storyteller, and his talents are on full display here. He weaves the plot threads deftly, drawing his characters with sure, bold strokes. The action is pulse-pounding and relentless, right from the opening page. It's not hype to say that once you start this novel you'll be hard-pressed to get anything else done until you've finished it.”

-  Critical Eye 

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 I hope you'll check it out.  

For a very limited time, I am making the novel FREE.  This is a soft-launch for the release of the new, re-edited version with an excerpt of the next novel, Abraham's Knife, included.  

Please, join my BETA readers list.  Beta Readers always get a Free copy of the latest novel.  We have a handshake.  I'll give it to you.  You write a review on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and pass it on to a few friends, who also get a Free copy, thanks to you ! 

And drop me a line through the Contact page, harley@harleycarnes.com. I'm interested in your thoughts about the books, about the web site, about the world at large.

Thank you.  I look forward to hearing from you. 


Big News and Special Promotions

Big News and Special Promotions

Books to read at the beach

My first literary agent had a sign in her office in Chicago that said, "Axiom Number One.  Writers Write."  It was hand written on card stock paper, affixed to a carpet covered support column.  I saw that sign in 1979, and took it to heart.  Been writing ever since. 

It's time to get some of the "shelf" novels and the new ones, out there .  I hope  you like them.  There are about six in the queue.  Three are ready to go.   A Hole In The Apple, is the first out of the gate. 

Big News and Special Promotions

Big News and Special Promotions

Big News and Special Promotions

Stack of books, novels for reading.

The Big News of the moment is that for a very limited time - A Hole In The Apple - will be available for FREE, as an eBook to for those who join the BetaReaders list. 

For everyone else, it is very affordable on Amazon.  Costs about as much as a good cup of coffee, and lasts a lot longer ! 

Testimonials and Reviews

Big News and Special Promotions

Testimonials and Reviews

5 Star Award from Readers Favorite reviews

About "A Hole In The Apple

 We are thrilled to announce receiving a Readers Favorite  5 Star award, after receiving three top reviews from their team of reviewers.  I feel very honored by the positive response about the novel. 

"A Hole In The Apple is a work of fiction set in the thriller  and terrorism genres and was penned by author Harley Carnes. Focused on  central character John Boulder, we find ourselves embedded in a tale  with plenty of intense action, thrills, and deep intrigue right from the  off. Set in the bustling micro-world of New York City, a plot is  uncovered to bring about a kind of apocalypse that will raze the city to  the ground, bit by bit. Following the trail of the devastation, Boulder  realizes that the stakes are not only high for New York, but for the  wider economy of the nation if he doesn’t put a stop to these heinous  acts.

Author Harley Carnes weaves a masterful narrative that explores many  different facets and fears that are common to the human condition about  the terrorist threat. As well as being a high octane thriller with  plenty of action, Carnes plays with our natural suspicions and  xenophobia to create a twisting plot where disaster can and will rear  its head at any turn, resulting in a book which becomes increasingly  difficult to put down and move away from. In a survival tale and  criminal mystery at heart, protagonist John Boulder is the rock on which  we depend, clinging to his gusto and expertise throughout the tale.  Overall, A Hole In The Apple is a superbly well-developed thriller and  mystery tale that is certain to please fans who crave a fully rounded  action and adventure thriller for the modern age.    Reviewed By K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite    5 Stars    

"...There are many thrillers written about terrorism, but there is something  about A Hole in the Apple that just takes it to the next level. The  action is intense from the moment the story begins; I got an adrenaline  rush just by reading some action scenes. The suspense is thick and the  plot thrives on it. The story is intensely woven; it’s intricate and  allows John Boulder to truly try his hand at anything that will work  against the adversary. I cannot stress how well-written the narrative  is; it is just so seamlessly fluid. It had the drama and the action that  had me interested from the moment the story began. Harley Carnes is a  master storyteller and I hope the author shares more with us.  Interesting and very entertaining. 

     Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite - 5 Stars      

         "A Hole in the Apple by Harley Carnes is a terrorist thriller that is  pulsating, to say the least. A devious, criminal mind is determined to  sink New York City, and this means doom, not only for the city but the  economy of the country. His name is Hassan Al Rashid, and he has put  into place a plan that is as complicated as it is strong, enough to  cause far-reaching and deadly repercussions in the city. There is just  one person who can stop al Rashid, but can John Boulder, with his group  of hand-picked and well-trained agents, unravel the intricate plot and  bring down the demon before he sinks one of the most powerful cities in  the US? The clock ticks, and with every passing second, the imminent  danger grows bigger.

I love it when an author crafts a good story and creates in it a hero  that readers want to journey with. What Harley Carnes has done is  impeccable: first, he creates a very complex problem, then a character  who measures up to the danger. Boulder is not your run-of-the-mill  character. He is intelligent, a gifted investigator, and a man who has  his own flaws. The problem is that what is facing him and his team is  nothing like anything he’s encountered in his career. The plot is  ingenious; it is unpredictable, and it is spiced with unrelenting  action. A Hole in the Apple moves fast, and the author creates a sense  of urgency that fuels the conflict and helps to build tension in  readers. The chances of success for Boulder are minimal, and that makes  for an enjoyable read when the explosive conclusion happens. "

 Reviewed By Ruffina Oserio for Readers’ Favorite   5 Stars            

"Harley Carnes is a born storyteller, and his talents are on full display here.  He weaves the plot threads deftly, drawing his characters with sure, bold strokes.  the action is pulse pounding and relentless, right from the opening page."

Critical Eye review

"A Hole In The Apple is a gripping suspense novel that reveals the complexity of 21st century warfare and the multiple threats to contemporary America."

Dr. Jeffrey D. McCausland, 

U.S. Army Col. Ret.

"Harley Carnes has written one of the best thrillers on terrorism yet."

Neil C. Livingstone


 "...you are simply the BEST. Thank you for informing me daily for years. I know you're not done, but I will miss you every day on KNX. All the best! "

s. Truitt

 "Good luck to you, my friend. You are an amazing talent. The quintessential anchor."

R. Walczewski

" You threw away the WCBS liner cards back in the day and injected humanity, humor, and clarity in your storytelling. I was a student every time I listened and every time I co-anchored with you. You brought a positive attitude and friendly warmth on and off the air. In other words, your legacy lives on every time we make a human connection over our radio. All the best old friend. "

Wayne Cabot

" It began in Chicago circa 1980. I was at WBBM listening to Mr. Carnes on WLS/ABC and thought "Wow, this guy is good". When I got to know him and work with him, my opinion changed a little. "Wow this guys is one of the greatest ever!"  

Ed Crane

" Harley Carnes is the best. His newscasts are so natural - they sing! I had the honor of working with him at All News 880 in 2001. It was an honor to be around such a natural broadcaster."

Frank Cipolla

" We're going to miss your extraordinary writing, Harley! Have been a fan since your days in Chicago. "

Bernie Tafoya

Gratitude is a word spelled with just nine letters.  It's too short to express the appreciation I have for supremely talented friends like these.  And for fans, who occasionally say nice things, too. Thank You. 



Testimonials and Reviews

View out the front of a 1946 J-3 Piper Cub, over northern New Jersey

My Uncle Zell once told me, "you can learn a lot about someone, if you find out what they do when they are not working."  Hobbies and avocations tell us more, sometimes, about what gives the juice to life for someone.  

For me - one of those pursuits is aviation.  I've been flying since 1983, teaching since about '87, and still teach today.  

The image above is out the front window of a 1946 Piper Cub, the greatest basic trainer ever created. 





Why do you write?

A - The easiest answer is because Mrs. Sapp, my junior high school English teacher believed I could, and told me so.  She said, you have a talent.  Don't waste it.  Praise is a powerful tonic. And it's a pleasure to publicly add "author" to the resume.  The first novel  (yet unpublished)  was written in 1973.  It's a dust collector on the shelf.   

Do you miss the radio?

A - Of course.  Radio provides a very intimate connection with listeners.  It's just me and each person who is paying attention.  It's as though we are in the car together.  Weird, I know.  But cool, too. 

What are your thoughts about the current state of the news media?

A - The term "news media" barely applies these days.  News is supposed to be unbiased.  That does not mean devoid of personality, though it can be challenge to keep the two separate.  The 24 hour news cycle of 'cable' news must shoulder the vast portion of blame for failing to be the steward of journalistic principles.  As news consumers, we must absorb the 'news' from unbalanced purveyors of the information, and find our own balance.  Sadly, we can no longer depend on any news operation to be as fair and balanced, without political flavoring, as we should be able to expect. 

When is your next book coming out?

A - Almost immediately.

Do you make public appearances?

A- Sure.  Sometimes they pay me, which is always nice.  

What's more important, flying or writing?

A - Gee, that one's tough.  What's more important to you - breathing or eating?

Are you a sports fan?  Favorite teams?

A - New York Yankees, since I was 5 years old. 

I love all sports, and I've lived long enough to become a fan of great players, great effort, and great performances - whether it's football, basketball, hockey or aerobatic competitions.   So, I guess I'm a fan of Sports - more than a sports fan. 

Whatever happened to Science Notebook?

A - when I left WCBS for the Network, I didn't take it with me.  I still find the sciences entirely fascinating.