About Me

My Work

Since retiring from CBS news, I've been busier than ever.  Ive completed two new novels, and the process of editing two previous unpublished novels is well underway.  Others have either been started, or are percolating around somewhere between the lobes.  

Still flying, too.  Teaching students how to handle a tailwheel airplane - and we fly on from there. 

My Community

Some of the best parts of every story, whether it was something we told on the air, or a moment in the next novel, come from people.  People like you, who write in with encouragement, criticism and anecdotes.  All emails get answered, though due to the volume and the busy-ness of life, it can take more time than I'd like.  Please don't let that cause you to hesitate.  Let me hear from you. 

Join My Journey

As I've mentioned, there are several more novels in the works, either completed and ready for publication, or still in the process of removing considerable rust and renovation.  

From time to time, we'll have email blasts with info on the latest.  Am I on social media platforms? Of course.  Just please be aware that I don't live there.  The real world is vastly more interesting than the virtual, so you won't be confettied with useless FB, Twitter and other posts from me.  We'll engage from time to time.  Life is most definitely a participation sport.

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